q Why Every Home Needs a Kitchen Rug - Inspiration, by Nourison Home

Why Every Home Needs a Kitchen Rug

The kitchen is one of the areas of the home that sees tons of action. Whether it’s cooking, cleaning dishes, or distributing snacks, chances are you’re spending lots of time here standing and moving around.

And let’s face it: kitchen floors are by necessity durable, long-lasting – and very hard – surfaces that aren’t the most comforting for bare feet. That’s why having a kitchen rug is a great idea both practically and aesthetically.

How to choose a kitchen rug

When searching for the best kitchen rug, you should consider the following characteristics:

  • Material: Spills and dropped crumbs are an inevitability in a kitchen. That’s why it’s best to pick a durable rug that’s easy to clean. Washable rugs, polypropylene rugs, or polyester are all great options.
  • Thickness: Speaking of spills, you’ll want a rug that’s easy to move around in case you need to take it out for a good shake. Flatweaves are best, but you can also go with a low-profile textured rug for some added cushion.
  • Size: Since most kitchens have a center island, chances are you probably don’t have a lot of space to work with. Runners and small accent rugs fit comfortably in most kitchen configurations.

Where to put rugs in the kitchen

While there’s no hard and fast rule to where you should put a kitchen rug, we recommend leaving at least 6″ of space between the rug and your cabinets. You can also play around with different configurations depending on the size of the space. For example, place one runner either between the island and stove area or under stools in an eat-in kitchen, or one accent rug in front of a sink.

No matter what rug you settle on, add a non-skid pad to keep the area safe. The last thing you want is to slip with a pot full of food!