5 Reasons You Need a Rug on Hard Floors

Once upon a time, wall-to-wall carpets in homes were all the rage. Although they haven’t faded from popularity, most new homes and apartments are built exclusively with hard floors.

The shift to hard surfaces has made area rugs a popular choice for anyone seeking a quick and easy way to add comfort to a room. They’re pretty, practical, and can be the one thing that ties otherwise “floating” pieces of furniture together.

Do I need an area rug?

In our opinion, every home (especially those with hard floors!) benefits from having a rug. Here are 5 reasons why you need at least one:

To add warmth

Rugs not only provide a great cushion, but add a layer of insulation between your bare feet and the floor. This is especially welcome if you live in an area with cold winters or a generally cooler climate. You can also add a rug pad for an extra boost of comfort.

To protect your floors

If you’ve moved into a house with beautiful hardwood floors or have just had them installed, rugs are a cost-effective way to protect your investment. After all, it’s much easier to replace an area rug than your actual floor. They can easily stop scuffs and scratches from moving furniture, pets, and young children.

This kids rocket rug from the Astra Washables Collection adds safety for your little ones and your floors!

To reduce noise

Whether you’re an upstairs apartment dweller, living in a multi-family home, or happen to have an old home with creaky floors, rugs are great for creating a quieter walking area. They also absorb sounds like music, talking, and the echo you might otherwise hear in a room without a rug.

To create a more inviting atmosphere

There’s something about adding the right rug to a room that instantly transforms it into a cozy and welcoming environment. The combination of pattern and texture not only grounds your space, but offers a terrific contrast to concrete, laminate, vinyl, tile, or hardwood floors.

When choosing a rug, take care not to go too small as it can have the opposite effect on your space. You also want to avoid completely covering up the floor. For more on proper placement, check out our guide to choosing the right rug.

Boho rug in a living room
This textured boho rug from the Lynx Collection gives all of the cozy vibes.

To provide an overall style boost

Outside of all the practical reasons to have a rug, they simply make your home look great. You can go bold with a brightly colored rug, or more subdued with soft neutrals. You can even create a more eclectic look by layering rugs!

Ready to add some comfy and stylish rugs to your hard floors?