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3 Ways to Style Rugs to Match Your Wallpaper

Like fashion, trends in home decorating come and go. And while some have thankfully not returned (we’re looking at you, wall-to-wall bathroom carpets), there are others making a much deserved come back. One of these is wallpaper.

Though wallpaper has slowly started making its way back into homes over the years, there are a lot more clean and creative ways to incorporate it into different rooms. Think accent walls, full coverage in the bathroom, or even a bookshelf lining.

Peel-and-stick wallpaper has also gotten a lot of traction lately, since it’s relatively easy to apply and take down. It’s especially great for renters who want to breathe life into the bare white walls that come standard with most apartments.

And while a pretty wallpaper does wonders for adding character, there’s something about adding a well-placed rug into the mix that takes a room to another level of complete.

To help you get your creativity flowing, we’ve rounded up 3 ideas for how to coordinate a rug to match your wallpaper, based on popular design styles:


Black and white wallpaper in a modern room can either impart a dramatic or moody vibe. Since black commands attention, it’s a good idea to balance the space with a lighter rug. This will help draw the eyes to other parts of the room you want visitors to focus on. You can add a patterned rug with a patterned black wallpaper – just go for something that has a subtle design.


Using a vibrant floral wallpaper for a living room accent wall? Pair it with an equally bold rug. Of course, you want to be careful not to choose a pattern that’s so loud it ends up clashing with the rest of the room. A fun, but not too busy print like this zebra rug does the trick.


A patterned wallpaper in neutral colors offers a lot of versatility when it comes to matching a rug. One of our favorite combinations is to add a neutral-toned, vintage-style rug. The timeless design adds such a cozy aesthetic, especially when you layer in different patterns and textures like this fringe blanket and throw pillow.

No matter what your personal style is, we hope these ideas help you on your journey to picking the perfect rug to match your room’s wallpaper!