The Long and Short of Runner Rugs

Ah, runners. These long and skinny rugs have historically been the transition piece for equally narrow areas like hallways and stairs. As creativity in home décor has evolved, though, so too have the uses for runner rugs. Let’s dive into some of these uses:

Runners in the Kitchen

Some might say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Yes, it’s the place where you cook your meals. However, it’s often much more than that. This is one of the main gathering spots for family and friends, where you can share memories while putting fun snacks and main courses together. For those with eat-in kitchens, it’s also the space where you sit down to enjoy your meals.

A kitchen runner serves both aesthetic and functional purposes in rooms like this that see lots of traffic. You can place a small runner rug in front of the sink or along the length of the kitchen counter to reduce fatigue during meal prep. A low-pile rug works well here since it’s easier to clean crumbs and spills from while adding some cushion.

Balcony Runner Rugs

Outdoor spaces like balconies or patios benefit greatly from the addition of a runner. Adding a runner can make these areas feel like an extension of the living room, transforming a plain balcony into an inviting retreat. Whether you have a small balcony with just a couple of chairs or a larger space, a runner can tie everything together and create a cohesive look. They’re also made to withstand the elements, making them easy to care for.

Bathroom Transformations

Bathrooms often get overlooked when it comes to decorating. At most, you might find a standard set with solid rugs for the sink or tub and toilet. By placing a runner along the length of your vanity or tub instead, you can create a spa-like atmosphere. These runners have the added benefit of being a comforting spot to plant bare feet, especially after showering.

Using runner rugs in large bathrooms helps define different sections of the space. A runner in front of the sink delineates the grooming area, while another near the bathtub or shower highlights the bathing zone.

Creative uses for Runners

Draped over a couch

One of the more inventive ways to use a runner is to drape it over the back of a couch. This can easily add color and texture to the seating area without needing to invest in a brand-new piece of furniture. Flatweave runners are ideal for this purpose since they’re lightweight and easily conform to the shape of the seating area.

Runner rugs as table runners

The long and narrow construction of a flat weave runner is great on tables, too. By using a rug instead of a traditional runner, you open your tablescape to a wider variety of decorative possibilities. This unconventional use can be a conversation starter while adding unique flair to the dining area.

From kitchens and bathrooms to balconies and beyond, runner rugs are an incredibly versatile addition to any home. They offer tons of ways to create innovative looks throughout your space while adding the same comfort as a standard rug. Next time you’re shopping for runners, we hope you’ll try incorporating some of these uses into your own home!